Calling Bullshit Also

ON ALL THOSE WHO cavil that we in the Right need to stop being “the party of NO” and offer solutions to problems.

First, the Republicans are in the minority. (And, so, despite being a majority of the People, are those in the broader Axis of Liberty.) We therefor perforce must be reactionaries — reacting to the despicable initiatives of the Left. That must be done. The Left must be resisted and, where possible, fought to a standstill — BEFORE it is even possible to take positive action.

Second, there are those in the Right who are offering “solutions.” They are simply being ignored by the dominant government-media cultural elite, and therefore struggle to garner mindspace.

Nevertheless, these solutions are being heard. They include:

– Lower taxes, freeing up capital to be invested and providing incentives once again to investment.

– Eliminate the perverse incentives in the IRC which mandate the purchase of “health insurance” as an added burden to the family budget for medical care.

– Eliminate those unlawful departments and agencies of the Federal goverment for which there is no constitutional mandate.

– Provide greater individual liberty: eliminate burdensome (and
unconstitutional) regulatory regimes which destroy wealth and enslave the People to the government — a situation which is despicable to a free nation.

– Stop the futile, wasteful, and unconstitutional War on (some) Drugs.
Failing that, at least end the unconstitutional policies of no-knock entry and asset forfeiture.

– Bring the income tax into line with the Constitution or (preferably) eliminate it altogether. Provide for revenue to the government via the Fair Tax.

These all have one feature in common: they withdraw power from Washington and return it to the People, which is why they are to vehemently resisted by the Inside the Beltway crowd.

Last, but not least, the word “solution” implies that there is a problem. Leftist nostrums always posit solutions to problems which either do not exist or to which the nostrums offer no solution. In the cases of both catastrophic anthropogenic global climate change and the high cost of health care, the problems are chimerical at best. To the extent that the latter can have an inordinate price tag attached to it, that fault lies with government, and no solution involving government action will provide resolution. In the case of the former, those proposing the so-called solutions admit that said solutions will have no ameliorative effect.

Come back and see us when you have a real problem. Maybe then we can talk.

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