By Their Fruits Shall You Know Them

A COMMENTER OVER AT Jo Nova’s blog, offers this indictment of the watermelon left.

NO! Not one moment of silence. Not one particle of a sign of respect. They must be hounded to the end and be treated as the life sucking vampires that they are. They are not merely wrong, they are evil to the core! Their monstrous plan to control the breath of life is sufficient proof of their internal malignancy. That their plan is justified by the use of a total fraud only makes it worse.

They want not only our slavery and our productive wealth, they also want our lives. May they be forever damned to the hell they are planning to construct for us. I shall not lift a finger to save them as they fade from this world crying piteously “We didn’t mean this to happen.” They have justly earned every pain, agony, and loss that they will experience.

And it’s only a comment. Jo herself is blogging about how poor, old, decrepit Christopher Monckton, outnumbered and outgunned, nevertheless managed to singlehandedly engineer a swing of 9% (Well, actually, more, since the other side lost 9% as well.) in Australian opinion on the whole warming fraud.

Spotted at American Digest

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