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HEARD IN PASSING on the Hitler Channel’s documentary on the crumbling U.S. infrastructure, somebody — might have even been Ed “Fast Eddie” Rendel, the gubernator of Pennsyltucky — saying that, if we don’t pay attention to maintenance and repair of our infrastructure, that we’d find ourselves to be a Third World — or even a Second World — country in short order.


For those of you who haven’t been paying much attention:

• Old World/First World = Europe and the Classical “World” (roughly Europe, North Africa, and the Near East,);

• NEW World/”Second World” = The Americas (I have never heard the term “Second World” used by anyone who was actually aware of the meaning of the term);

• THIRD WORLD = everywhere else.

There is some overlap between the New World and the Third World, as the Third World is supposed to be non-European, poverty-stricken, mostly-tropical hellholes, thus including those Marxist Utopias in Central and South America, as well as South Asia, which properly ought to be Old World.

But, by some, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil are all Third World Countries, and by others, so are India and China — the latter two displacing the “Southern Hemisphere” daffynition.

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