Buzzword of the Day

MEDIA PICKS UP a military term — “optics” — in order to sound tough, hip, edgy, and with-it… saying “the optics” of Michelle Ma Belle’s peregrination to Spain look bad.

I know how the military is using the term these days, but they are also probably better aware than the media where the word comes from. Being’s how your latter day journolist would have barely passed Rocks for Jocks and looks down on Real Science and Other Forms of Practical Knowledge as being Things We Don’t Do.

Optics, you see, is the branch of physics that deals with the transmission of light. More specifically, the bending of light. Through prisms and lenses and other cool tricks and devices.

But well… Yes, your perspective on a matter does have a lot to do with the lens you are viewing it through.

And, from where I sit, the media’s optics look really bad. Warped. Achromatic. Astigmatic. Anamorphic.

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