Bullet Points

WORTH PRESERVING concerning Sarah Palin.

  • The specifics of how entire communities and families were affected by the Exxon Valdez disaster is truly heartbreaking. This tragedy planted a seed that she would work for the ordinary people.
  • She is not afraid in making decisions that made/and still make some unhappy.
  • She was under fire since the day she took office yet she won re-election in a landslide with 75% of the vote for Mayor of Wasilla.
  • She stood up to the elected establishment and blew the whistle on her own party when she found some of them guilty of ethics violations.
  • The small Alaskan town Mayor ousted a 26 year veteran for Governor with over 50% of the vote.
  • Governor Sarah Palin put Alaskans first over party establishment and big oil.
  • She saw spending as “spending other people’s money” and continued fiscal prudence by going through the state budget line by line as Governor.
  • Her Governorship approval ratings were 88% in August of 2008. EIGHTY.
  • She was the spark of the McCain/Palin ticket. She is what ignited our base and still does today.
  • She fought the ethics violations filed against her for a year after the election loss in 2008, and while she paid for her own legal fees, she saw these complaints as hurting her state and its citizens so she chose to step down as Governor. Each and every accusation was proven false.
  • She has always spoken fondly of our country’s founding documents.
    Before any tea party. To me, she is the beginning of the Tea Party.
  • She has held her head high with class and strength as various news sources and websites posted daily vile commentary on her and her family.
    Just a couple short months ago, I witnessed a despicable post about her youngest, Trig. I am still and will always be a proud member of Trig’s Crew! Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, as is choosing with whom you advertise.
  • Sarah Palin is a threat to the left and the right.

–Michelle Lancaster at Big Gov

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