Broke 60K

I BROKE THROUGH 60,000 words on It’s Dolly’s Birthday. That’s a notional 80% complete. Of course, I’m beginning to have the suspicion that I’m going to overshoot the 75,000-word mark. We’ll probably go closer to 95,000 words, it looks like now. But, still, it’s a significant milestone.

Also made the acquaintance of a professional freelance editor. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be seeing whether we can work together. He comes highly recommended via a trusted source, but still… And even if it is a perfect match, there’s the matter of paying his fees. Which, while eminently reasonable as such things go, are presently out of my reach.

Which brings me to the point of hinting that, if you would like to help, you can hit my tip jar by clicking on the Donate button at right. That connects to PayPal, with all the benefits, protections, and so-forth that you’ve come to expect from that fine organization.

Meantime, thanks for your patience. I see you’re joining up in droves. I want to thank you for that. But you could comment once in awhile, you know. ::grin::

Yeah, right. Make more work for me.

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