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O’BAMBI CALLS petroleum the “energy source of the past.” It is to laugh.

Either he’s abysmally ignorant, (Which I could readily believe — he’s been faking it all his life, and never had to go to class, so to speak; why should he be informed on any given subject?), or he thinks We the (Little) People are.

Pop quiz, asshole: what energy source was abandoned for steam power in the 19th Century for its unreliability and relatively low density?

Pop quiz, asshole: when was the photovoltaic (a.k.a. solar electricity) effect discovered? Was it 1776? 1839? 1895? 1903?

Pop quiz, asshole: when was gasoline first distilled from petroleum? Was it in ancient Alexandria? Medieval Poland? Ming Dynasty China? Late 19th Century Pennsylvania?

Pop quiz, asshole: which energy source is the youngest? Is it wind power?
Solar electricity? Gasoline-powered internal combustion engine?**

An interesting statistic. The “weight” of sunlight on an acre of ground is roughly that of a pack of cigarettes. Take a LOT of acres to get anything usable out of that, no matter HOW efficient your solar cells. It will never serve more than fringe uses inside an atmosphere. Even in space, it would take thousands of square miles of collectors to get large-scale-usable amounts of energy from sunlight. The good news is that there’s plenty of room in space for that.

Far from being the energy source of the past, I submit that burning hydrocarbons is the energy source of now and the future, and will remain so for a VERY long time.

**Yes, I know. I know. Let it slide, wouldja?/p>

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