Boycotts Are Silly

SO I SUPPOSE a “girlcott” would be equally — if oppositely — silly.

However, the CEO of Whole Foods has made a great deal of sense, and as Eric Schie writes in the article linked above, the left has gone absolutely apeshit, apparently at the very notion that someone should question the validity of their fundamental shibboleths.

Leftists are good at going apeshit. Me, I think it invalidates their points, but whatdoyouwantfernuthin?

To the discussion of the Whole Foods contretemps, I really have nothing to add. Instead, I want to get all radical on you — as I am wont to do — and look a layer deeper at the situation.

Leftists, progressives, and other oxygen thieves and walking criminals against humanity have this tendency to burst into spittle-spraying rage any time someone gainsays one of their cherished brainfart pipedream notions. This being so, it is impossible to make sense to a leftist. The instant you try, they escalate straight to virulent, rabid (evennn) attack mode, foaming at the mouth, and spewing a tsunami-scaled vomitus of ad hominem attacks, non-sequitur assertions, and unsupported (and insupportable) claims.

Over the weekend, we had a troll drop trou and shit all over our living room. You can see his spoor here. I was occupied elsewhere, but spared enough attention to at least try to engage — at least a little. Wondering at first if he was kidding, (I was quickly disabused of that notion), I gave him several opportunities to converse, but he seemed resolutely impelled to rude and (I’m bound to point out) irrelevant, off-topic attack. I finally shut him off by banning his IP address and email from access to the site. I’m sure there will be others.

You see this more and more these days. Leftists losing control over the least slight. You’d think they actually lost the November election. Is this desperation? Poor toilet training? You know, I really don’t care. It’s not acceptable behavior, and needs to be shut down instanter. Unless you can get a decent dialog going, it’s a waste of time, space, oxygen, brain cells, and other resources better spent on playing with your cats.

Sure, you have free speech. You can say anything you like. You don’t have the right to demand others listen. As tempting as it might be to keep trolls like RayGun and Kevin Baker’s Markadelphia around, I hold that they poison discourse and really should be made to sit at the children’s table until they grow up and learn to converse like adults.

(And, no sooner do I say this than Kevin avers he keeps Markadelphia around for tutelary purposes. I really am confused, now. No, not really. My CharlieBrown-ness is a sign of…)

You’re wishy-washy?

Uh. Yeah.

I am very close to requiring either membership in this site to comment or that, at the very least, in order for you to post comments under a pseudonym, I must know your real, full name, and at least a little bit about you, or you’ll be banned and your comments deleted without notice. If you don’t have the balls to post under your real name, or at least let the proprietor know who you are (if you, for example, have professional reasons for not signing your work), then you really have no need to be commenting — at least not in the little corner of the blogosphere I control. I would urge other bloggers to adopt a similar policy.

Or not. I’m still a bit on the fence about this.

Here, Charlie. Take a run at this football. I’ll hold it steady for you.

Gee, thanks, Lucy.

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