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erin_palette_avatarSO I’VE BEEN SEEING this commenter on Facebook and blogs, Erin Palette. Her avatar reminded me a bit of Yulia Nova. (Don’t ask.) But it caught my attention. As did, in short order, her words. Wonderful. This woman has her head on straight and her heart in the right place.

Then, yesterday, BP points to a brilliant post — a polemic addressed to the victim-disarmament crowd and their moral failings. The pull quote is tasty enough, but, when BP advise RTWT, I’ve learned it’s sage advice. So I went. And R’d TWT. Lemme tell you, the pull quote was only a taste. The whole thing was at the very least an excellent entree, if not a whole meal. (That would be the rest of the blog.

From the title “My So-Called Rights” to the takeaway nut quote, “Because ‘Fuck you.’ That’s why,” the post is just perfect. To quote BP, RTWT.

Then I scrolled down and started reading the comments. And there was Erin Palette! A familiar face! Kewl, I thought, and read her comments first.

I say of myself that, like Barleyman Butterbur, the proprietor of the Prancing Pony in Bree, (as described by Gandalf in Fellowship of the Ring), I am slow, but I can see through a brick wall, given time.

And then, as they say, the penny dropped. This is Erin Palette’s blog! Way cool. It’s called Lurking Rhythmically (which my punning mind will inevitably twist to Writhing Lyrically, with all attendant follow-on puns, such as the reeling and writhing under the sea line from Alice, so we might as well get it out), and, based on that one post, I feel safe in recommending you follow it.

OK, so I’m seconding BP’s recommendation. Like I said. Slow. Brick wall.Time.

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