Blood Pressure Regulation

THERE’S NOTHING TO drop the old Hg column like a purring kitten curled up on your chest, trusting and asleep.

Even if he is the one you’re not supposed to get attached to.

So… kitten news.

Hey! It’s a holiday weekend! I can post a caturday post on Monday if I want to. Just wait ’til my birthday — which falls on a Saturday this year.

We have pretty much settled on names for the two kittens we’re going to keep for keeps.

The gray striped girl is named Lady Jane Grey, for her regal aspect (which you only see when she’s sitting or lying still — which isn’t too often — but those are the only times I can get pictures of her, because my #^@%ing camera that won’t TAKE THE PICTURE WHEN YOU PRESS THE #^@%ing BUTTON). The name is stolen from the usurper Queen of England of the same name, and from the 1986 TV Movie about Lady Jane, which introduced a young Helena Bonham Carter to the world.

The lilac-point Siamese mix boy is named Elwood Blues, for his brilliant blue (crossed) eyes. The name, of course, is stolen from the Dan Ackroyd character in the classic 1980 film, The Blues Brothers.

They are still spending nights in the crate. Seems a necessity, although one that’s getting less daily.

Their interactions with the other cats are getting less distant and hostile. I reckon that Karma will be the first one to actually play with them, with Belle not so far behind. Oliver will probably catpile with them by midweek, and by next weekend, only the triplets will still be standoffish — albeit feeling rather sheepish about being so stubborn.

Toni has not made any predictions, yet.

We’ll see.

Jazz and Aqua have seemed the most hostile — actually following the kittens around and growling at them. The rest just hiss and walk away when they encounter one of the newbies by chance. The big surprise has been Loki, who is usually equanimity itself — second only to Oliver. But he’s expressed some pretty deep misgivings. I do think he’ll come around. He did with all of the other kittens who’ve come in after him, from Rommie to Karma. He just needs a little time to adjust.

But then, don’t we all?

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