Blogmoot Well Met

PRELIMINARILY reporting from the Broad Ripple Brew Pub… sipping a Lawn Mower Ale and waiting for the fish and chips to come.

Present and recognized … Old Grouch, Caleb, Carteach0, Brigid, Og, Roberta X, Tamara, Shootin’ Buddy, Frank James, and some others I’ll try to meet.

More: Nathan Brindle, Shermlock Shomes, Mad St. Jack (Breda’s fanboy), and more who Bobbi has note of.

Pictures to come.

Bobbi X

Frank James and Tam. (BTW: That cap says “Blackwater”. Our waiter had an Obama sticker on his check keeper. I wonder what his inner reaction was when Tam smiled up at him from under the Blackwater logo. (Evil grin.))

Caleb. Yes, he really is that competent. An amazing dude, really.

Update: Roberta X’s liveblogging was way cooler than mine, and hardly anybody knew she was doing it. (See comment from Shermlock Shomes, who was there, but sitting behind me, so I didn’t realize he was there until I started table-hopping.)

Aw, c’mon, Alger! Y’always check yer six!

Even you know that. Right?

I’m gonna kick yer ass.

You would. But I was somewhere in between condition white and condition yellow. Besides, Caleb was there. He seems like somebody who would go through life in condition orange. As somebody (Nathan Brindle? Old Grouch? Ah! It was Mad St. Jack!) said, Caleb would get any threat before I needed to be aware of it, so…

The wifi was teh sux. Worked better inside. (Oh, right. Forgot to mention. We were outside under canvas.) I may be able to pull some more/better pix from the shots I took. But it was like pulling impacted and abcessed wisdom teeth to get uploaded all I did. And now I need to go fix some dinner. So cut me slackage, please.

Up-Update: Brigid has more pixtures.

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