Blind Pigs and Acorns Department

IT OCCURS TO ME that the whack job at hand may have swerved into something worthwhile.

But only superficially, and like most leftists, he gets it all wrong, even when he has a point.

He complains that “they” are trying to control The People through the tool of grammar.

Now, you might, as do I, go, “W.T. And F?” Wouldn’t trying to control a people via grammar be about like trying to lift a weight by pushing on a rope? Or solving world hunger by frying up bowling balls? (Hey, you can’t make an omelette…)

But waitjustadangoleminute, here.

Doesn’t Marx prescribe that revolutionaries seeking to bring about the perfect socialist world control the dialectic? And wouldn’t that imply that one must control the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of political discourse?

Can ya do the math?

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