Bizarro President

THE O IS OUT THEREwaa-a-a-ay out there — with statements, seemingly everything out of his mouth, that refuse to comport with reality. In fact, reality is running down the street, screaming in terror, trying to escap the distortion field.

He keeps talking lying about people who don’t have insurance, who would be able to get it under his plan (read: be required willy nilly to purchase it), but couldn’t otherwise.

My first reaction to that claim, almost as an aside, is that the key reason they couldn’t is that they couldn’t afford a policy with all the government-mandated coverages they neither want nor need. But that’s just an aside.

He conveniently ignores those who have already lost their coverage because, in anticipation of the massive and unpredictable market distortions any such plan (not just Obamacare — ANY socialized medicine scheme) would bring into place, insurance carriers increased their rates for several years running.

In fact, when you hear about the increasing costs of health care, you need to realize that those increases are largely — if not totally — related to increased insurance cost, whether for individual or group coverage or for medical liability and malpractice insurance. Trust me, I know. I pay cash for services. And, with the exception of a few medications where the power of the government actively prevents price reductions (ask a pharmacist why you can’t get generic insulin, for example, even though none of the current brands is under patent), my costs are FAR lower than what insurance companies pay. Those same insurance companies that claim their confiscatory rates are justified because they can negotiate lower prices on your behalf.

But the facts remain that 1) my employer found he could no longer afford coverage and had to stop paying for insurance (although he did give me a raise equivalent to most of what he formerly paid for my coverage). 2) I cannot get even catastrophic coverage because, due to the requirements Obamacare put on, no commercial carrier will touch anyone in my age cohort with insulin dependent diabetes (and the state pools are A)government insurance, with all the issues inherent thereto, and B) means-tested and Toni and I make too much money to qualify). And 3), as I say, even with a five-figure hospital stay in there, made out far better last year paying cash for services than I would have buying first-dollar coverage.

So, on balance, are more people being hurt or helped by this law?

Based on past history — true, no accurate predictor of future performance, but still — and a good dose of horse sense, I gotta believe that more harm than good is all that can come of Obamacare.

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