Big Doin’s

FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE there will be parallel development going on here and at my new DreamHosted WordPress site. Right now, there isn’t anything to see. Generic template, limited content. As time goes on, there will gradually appear the contents of the present Apocrypha site, and then… more. My intent is to accomplish the changeover seamlessly. We shall see.

One thing is pretty much for certain. The heirarchy between this blog and the Apocrypha site will change. I will probably also go back to the model I used when I first started blogging, that of maintaining a site about writing and my writings, and another for bloviating about current events. We’ll see how that works out.

As Roo put it, a lot of we’ll-seeing, but nothing ever happens. So … we’ll see.

It is possible to register and comment over there, though there won’t be much to comment on, and I may purge comments before the “real” site goes live — depends on how things shake out. One of the issues that has given me pause has been the problem of transferring my Member base from one system to the other. If regulars here wish to help out and register over there, well, it would be appreciated, but I for one will certainly understand if you’d rather not bother.

Sometime in the future, once members HAVE been transferred — or given the option to migrate on their own — I will probably shut down new registrations here. But that’s a long way off. I’m just getting started. No way of knowing how big this thing is going to get.

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