Being Sort of a Founding

MEMBER OF THE TEA PARTY (I remember that the T.E.A. Party was around in 1993, and protesting against Clinton’s Largest Tax Increase Since the Big Bang), and totally unaware of ANY funding that didn’t come out of the pockets of attendees on the moment and go into the modern day equivalent of an upturned straw hat or a mayonnaise jar with a slot in the lid, I was quite surprised at the Left’s vehement, vicious, and vituperative aspersions that the movement was/is funded by the Koch brothers. How can that have ANY basis in truth? I kept asking myself.

As the song goes, I should have known better.

It comes from the Left. Of course it’s lies.

And now, we know who the ur-liar was. And like oh-so-many of the Ellsworth Tooheys and Grima Wormtongues of the Left, he’s not a very savory character. In fact, he gives unsavory a bad name. Check him out at the link. Take your Purel. You’ll want to wash after.

(Hat tip: John Hindraker at PowerLine.)

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