Begging Off Again

GOT NOTHING TO SAY The weekend was a washout. Spent most of the time sleeping or falling asleep. Made some progress on the novel, but didn’t get nearly the dwell time I wanted on it. Got some alpha feedback that helps a lot. (Thank you, J!) Got my head straightened out on several other things and all, but still — sleep.

And, OK, I’m frigging shocked … the word count now stands at 59,000, which means 8-9K since Thursday, so the weekend wasn’t SO much of a wipeout as I thought. I might even tell the folks on the FB group.

Meantime, I never got around to pre-loading a month’s-worth of Cloud Observatories, so those aren’t happening. Sorry. And, except for the insensitive dicks at MSNBC who took after Rick Santorum over his wife’s miscarriage…

Yaknow, it kind of reinforces Our Curmudgeon’s thing on Friday. You know: where he argues that people who embrace evil ideas are evil people. The dicks at MSNBC have embraced the whole collectivist ideology, with its murderous, enslaving behaviors and its hatred of mankind. So it kind of follows that they’d be insensitive dicks on top of that.

And it makes me wonder if we might succeed after all in persuading genuinely good-hearted liberals — some of them any way — that they’re backing the wrong horse, that the Left is not going to make the world a better place for all humanity. Far from it. Maybe we already are. How would you know?

Anyways. Time for me to bed. Say, “Good Night”, Gracie.

Good night, Gracie.

Good night, Dolly.

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