Been Some Talk Recently About

THE REINS ACT which is supposed to rein in Federal regulatory agencies.

I hear that, if a regulation is going to have $100 million negative impact on the economy, then it has to go through Congress.

There’s a flaw in their thinking that anybody experience with government — observing it, serving in it, or suffering from it — should be able to spot a mile away.

The parameter.

Depending on the agenda of the agency wanting a regulation, the treatment of this requirement will be…

1) They’ll just outright lie about the impact. I mean, really. For a government that can’t get employment figures right, doesn’t actually know how much money it takes in or how much it spends, that regularly and with malice aforethought pegs the costs of programs at roughly 1/3 of the real cost until the bill passes, how tough can it be to tell Congress that the impact of a regulation will be $30 million until the results are in, then express surprise.

Headline: Unemployment Spikes Unexpectedly Above 10% for the Fourth Month in a Row.

Like you couldn’t see THAT coming.

2) Profess bafflement or the inability to predict the impact, but assert dead certitude that, without the regulation, the economy will fall flat in: ten, nine, eight, seven… Yeah. This is another species of outright lie, but it has that cute-puppy-just-shit-on-the-carpet-and-did-I-mention-cute appeal going for it. How can you hate a gormless bureaucrat who’s only trying to save your job, your house, your life savings? I mean: really!

See? You just fell for it just now, and I just told you how it works. In the same paragraph.

Do I really need to go on?

The other day, I wrote:

We really have to stop giving the Left the benefit of the doubt. By this time tomorrow, it will have been over a hundred years they’ve been trying this nonsense. It has all been thoroughly debunked and demystified. The consequences are known and cannot honestly be termed unanticipated. Ignorance of the laws of reality just can’t be taken for an excuse any more. And their claims as to their motives are unpersuasive and disingenuous at BEST.

In my darker moments, I’m beginning to think it’s not just the Left. It’s the Right, too. We just have to stop giving Washington the benefit of the doubt. We shouldn’t dogfight all around the sky, trying to maneuver for the missile shot. We should just “go to guns” right away*, assuming until and unless proven otherwise that they have ulterior motives.

No, the smarter move would be to admit in all honesty that A) Congress is the sole legislative body at the Federal level and may not (shall not) delegate its authority and B) it doesn’t have the authority to do any of this stuff anyway.

Good luck with that.

(*Metaphorically, of course. What!? You thought I meant it literally? Really? Are you THAT stupid? MUST be a liberal.)

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