Beck is THAT Far Behind the Times

WHEN HE SAYS “We never had the discussion over the PATRIOT Act. We were all spooked by the situation. We were naive.”

Whatchoo mean, “We,” Paleface?

Any semi-conscious sophont would have been able to tell you from the name of DHS alone that it was driven by fascistic, statist impulses. The speed with which the bill(s) was/were pushed through was a further clue. There was considerable outcry at the time that 1) we already had a department of homeland security — it’s called the military, 2) unionizing all the various security apparatchiks then employed in what was laughingly called “airport security” into a single Federal entity was/is just simply MADE of fail, 3) it was clear from the outset that neither the party on the left or the party on the right were serious about the personal security of the American flying public — their only interest was the enhancement of Federal power, plain and simple.

And nothing has changed in the interim.

So don’t try to rope ME into your circle-jerk, Glenn.

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