Bawney Fwank

(I ALMOST QUOTED Dick Armey’s freudian slip, but decided at the last minute that it would be tacky.) Bawney Fwank, (you old drama queen), says that government is simply those things that we decide to do together.

Which is a very twee formulation. Just so cute and precious! But you know it’s utter bullshit.

The nation is a republic (if, as Dr. Franklin put it, we can keep it) for the reason best exposited by Churchill’s aphorism that democracy is three wolves and a sheep deciding on what to have for lunch. (If that even WAS Churchill. Did anybody get a good look?)

That is, if “we decide together” to enslave our fellow citizens so that they must work for our maintenance while we while away the time doing nothing much productive at all… That’s. Not. Right. I know it; you know it; the American people know it. But, if we decide to do it together, well who’s to stop us from camel-walking down the old goldbrick road to wish fulfillment city?


Well, it’s that thing that Bawney seems to be utterly bereft of: principle. And if that’s hard for you to wrap your head around, it’s written out in convenient prose for you to refer to.

Remember? You swore an oath to it?

And you know…? We have a word for people who try to subvert that, as you do when you go against its strictures to “do what we agree to do together.” It starts with a “T” and it rhymes with “Benedict Arnold.”


So you’re saying that Democrats are unprincipled, corrupt, lying, treasonous SOB’s. And B’s.

Well… Yes.

So quit beatin’ around the bush and furlin’ come out and SAY it!

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