Basic Fleshing Out

SOME SKINNY SPOTS in Scenes 4 and 5. The work to the latter adds 3 new pages of text, 750 words. We now stand at 146 pages.

I have this tendency to skip over stuff — either because I don’t think things through, or because I’m too impatient to do it right. My fingers get all jittery and excited and I just flat out miss stuff. I knew that! Or it seems obvious to me while I’m in the moment. You have to go through Point Z to get from A to D. So sometimes I have to go back and clear things up. I meant to do that!

Or I mess up the technique. Like… AC is in first-person singular perspective and in the present tense. “I say this, then I do this. I go here and I go there and do that.” It’s really intense to read, but it’s MONDO intense to write. And sometimes I fall out of it for pages at a time, and I have to go back and fix. And the fix is NEVER simple — a matter of changing “was” to “is” or “said” to “say.” There’s sentence structure that just doesn’t make SENSE when you transliterate it that way. And then there’s story concepts that don’t translate. So it can get hairy trying to reconnect stuff once you get all the verb tenses right.

But it’s fun anyway. And I got stuff done, so it’s all good.

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