Barry O Claims

OR WANTS IT asserted that, because the Left has been getting away with lying about the New (Raw) Deal for seventy-plus years, it’s not cricket when you call him on trying to reinvigorate said New (Raw) Deal — on the basis that it didn’t work the first time around — because that’s (get this) old news. That debate is over.

What debate? You mean the people who predicted back then that the New (Raw) Deal would come to a bad end, that it would pervert American institutions in ways both imaginable and not-so-much, and that it would entrench intrinsic socio-political-economic disaster for decades to come? Those people, who were shouted down and made to seem beyond the pale then and for all the time since?

The people who were right?

That debate?

Probably. Most left-whingers seem to think that’s what debate is all about. Shouting down their opposition, then claiming the debate is over.

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