Back When

I STARTED out to develop (write it down), I was a little worried, initially, that associating the business with this site — and having my name on the business site — might be tantamount to commercial suicide. Toxic wingnut views and all that. Can’t have people espousing liberty and prosperity, after all. It’s counter-revolutionary. The example of what was done to Kim du Toit, among others, was stark before me.

But then, I realized that the types who might try to do me damage — rabid running dog leftist revisionists (lefty heads exploding in 3… 2… 1…) — are a bunch of wittering incompetents. As evidenced by the — scorn quotes — “Reasoned Discourse” going on in certain sinkholes of the fever swamps of the left.

The name is Roy Kubicek. I’m gonna live forever. Baby, remember my name.

And my strain of opinion is held en large by the majority, who tend to support like-minded individuals — witness the successes of Rush’s advertisers. So what am I worried about?

Plus: I’ve asserted, albeit desultorily, that if you have the courage of your convictions, then you ought to own them. Sign your work.

Or at least exert the minimal imagination to make up a plausible pseudonym.

There is that, Dolly. There is that.

I came to the realization late, and my name isn’t all over, but that’s a matter of accident more than anything. I do sign the emails that come from the system, and am (obviously), engaged in unabashed cross-promotion.

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