Back in the Goodole Days

LAST YEAR you’d occasionally hear left whingers assert that this or that conservative policy would have grandma and grandpa having to choose between buying medicine or buying food — and that the compromise position will be dog food.

But then, have you ever priced dog food?

Now, today, I am informed by my accountant that I have a starker choice to make. I have to choose between health care and paying my taxes.

And you can guess which is the loser. I’m going to have to drop my family coverage in order to get the money to cover my tax bill. Because, you see, I drew down my IRA to pay down my debt. In anticipation of this current mess. And fearing that, if I didn’t act then, (last year), by this year, the whole of the thing would be worth less. Or worthless. Had the taxes withheld, but apparently that’s not enough. The FedGov has to get more than its pound of flesh. It has to penalize me for accessing my own money too soon.

Which I suspect would be the case.

Oh, and by the way… That little bit of social engineering the nanny state busybodies attempted with the whole IRA scheme? I learned my lesson there, too. Never gonna do that again. I’m never going to put my money behind any kind of wall the government controls. Not if I can help it. They can take their tax dodges, fold them until they’re all corners, and stick them up their rosy red recta.

Cucking funts.

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