Baba Ram Dass

WROTE IN THE SEMINAL text Be Here Now that money is green karma — green energy. It’s what you need to get things done. Without money, dreams are just random brain farts. With it, they have at least a modicum of a chance of realization.

The Left knows this very well. They have BIG dreams. Nevermind those dreams are nightmares to the rest of us, the Left has them, and they. Are.Big. And they know they need money — badly — to reify those dreams.

Which is why they’re always after yours. They have none of their own, and little capacity to earn it, but they have this almighty need for it, so they get it the old fashioned way — they steal it.

But, if you’ve earned even one paycheck in your life, you knew that. I tell you that to tell you this:

Remember that, when you hear a rich guy wittering on about the brain fart that “at some point, you’ve just made enough money” (Can any notion be more odious?), you should pity him, because his dreams are too mean, too small, too petty, too picayune to match his means. Poor little rich guy. How sad it must be to live in so small a mind!

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