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LEFTISTS WOULDN’T KNOW a fascist if he kicked their ass, which they did, regularly, when there were fascists around.

If She’s Worried About That…?

POSTING AT INSTY Sarah Hoyt links to Victory Girls who mention that Emily Ratajkowski is worried about “birthing another white man”

Seems to da Doll that her worries are off-point. If that concerned her, remembering our early lessons about the birds and the bees … if she doesn’t want to give birth to “another white man,” WHY DID SHE FUCK ONE?

But, of course…

AND WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT? Why, de-platform them. If, as we believe, the liberty position is the majority position, it should be simplicity itself to take down the tech Goliaths with Glenn Reynolds’s Army of Davids principle.

But we should not surrender before we’re begun by using the same whingeing pose the Left uses. We do not call their actions anti-conservative, but anti-liberty, anti-freedom, pro-slavery. Hashtag the pissants. #AntiLiberty.

Comment to Your

HEART’S CONTENT or comment your heart’s content, whatever. For the past however, in an apparently misguided attempt to keep things “current” (whatever that is), comments on an individual post would close after two weeks. I have turned that off and comments will — or should — be open indefinitely. I’m sure this is going to mean more work for me, moderating and so forth, but I think it will be worth it, if it makes the blog more welcoming.

Alger says, “Thank you.”

For new and returning Trollistas, Da Doll (“Ç’est moi,” she says with a coquettish moue), has this primer. The comment system works like this: The first time you comment, your comment will be held in moderation. Once a moderator (moi, again –Doll) approves your comment, you, as a comment author, have one approved comment and can comment without moderation for the foreseeable future.

Several incarnations of this blog ago, we had a membership system. It fell by the wayside amongst our changes of hosts and blogging platforms — a period we refer to as “Our Time in the Wilderness.” Now that we are settled here on WordPress at DreamHost, Alger and I have been kicking around the idea of reinstating that fine institution. (Membership, that is.) But first, we need to figure out what benefits that would confer, and second, we need to find a pret-a-porter system to instantiate it. When we do, you’ll be the first to learn about it. But Da Doll is pretty sure it will start with some kind of registration to comment — which is why it’s germane to the subject at hand.

Our Friend Cedar

SANDERSON has a new post up on the subject of broken windows policing. You know, the way Rudy Giuliani is credited with cleaning up New York. The neat part is that she chose some of Alger’s photography to illustrate it. Guess who’s chuffed.

Boobie Libre

national_go-topless_dayIT’S NATIONAL GO TOPLESS DAY (wish they’d announce these things in advance). Of course, da Doll is an ardent supporter, as much as I love to dress … as I say, at liberty. And, but of course, there is also the discussion of Minoan Tits between Drummond and Olivia Wilson in The High T Shebang. (Which can be bought by clicking the Amazon link at far right.) Meantime, a little demonstration.

Yet Another Outbreak of Lawlessness Within the Government

OPERATION CHOKE POINT a filthy, despicable initiative of the regime is stealing the bank accounts of employees in a legal industry which is also (by the way, did I also mention) A FIRST-AMENDMENT-PROTECTED ONE. No matter how you approach this, it should generate shoot-on-sight orders for Eric Holder, his deputies, and any agent attempting to enforce these orders.

Yay! Beyonce! She SASS seh!

DA DOLL IS A BIG FAN of Beyonce. And proud to welcome the diva to the ranks of the unpantsed. Us grrls do the no-pants thing a LOT better ‘n Robb Allen.

Tell ‘im da Doll said so.

Wellesley-ites Wimp Out

SEEMS TO ME THAT somebody needs to grow a pair.

Sack up, ladies! You betray your sex with this wilting-flower routine.

Today’s Bible Text

IS FROM THE BOOK of Psalms. Turn in your Bibles, please, to Psalm 94, verses 20-23.

20 Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law,
Have fellowship with You?
21 They gather together against the life of the righteous,
And condemn innocent blood.
22 But the LORD has been my defense,
And my God the rock of my refuge.
23 He has brought on them their own iniquity,
And shall cut them off in their own wickedness;
The LORD our God shall cut them off.

It’s A Dirty Damned Shame

THAT THE TECHNICAL ASPECTS of the Obamacare rollout have been so ineptly screwed up. It’s allowing Democrats and others to elide the central fact that the arrogant imposition of the program on the people is wrong in the first place and that fact alone ought to be dispositive.

A Joke

LOOK DOWN YOUR SHIRT and count to ten.


Really? Most people only have two.

Dolly, you do have a low sense of humor.

Really? I’m just the mailman.


You write ’em; I deliver ’em

Lemme Get This Straight

SO THE RACE HUSTLERS AND poverty pimps object to gentrification because … They want their people to live in rat-infested slums the gentrification would replace?


Ooooh. Kaaayyy.

Stupid or Evil? Or Just Clueless?

IT OCCURS TO THE DOLL that, perhaps, sometimes, the media, rather than acting as a propaganda arm for the Left as a matter of bias and preference, they do it out of their own ignorance and naiveté.

I mean… they accepted it as gospel truth when John McCain told them he was a conservative. And they swallow the canard that Republican==conservative. Which, da Doll is here to tell ya, !== fact.

Paper or Plastic

IS A CHOICE 55 million babies killed in 40 years is a holocaust.

Get a sense of proportion!

You Can’t Blame Comic Books

FOR JUVENILE DELINQUENCY OR DEVIL WORSHIP OR MOVIES for violent crime or sexually-transmitted diseases or video games for increases in violent crimes, but…

Harvey Weinstein thinks he can solve what he sees as a social problem with a single film.

And do you see the nature of leftist brain fart pipe dreams from this?

At the Risk of Redundicating

WHAT WILL SURELY BECOME A WIDESPREAD MEME, da Doll believes it needs to be said, over and over again, as loudly as possible, until it is known to all:

Governor Cuomo is a despicable human being. His statements are beyond the pale, and he has no place in the United States. We invite him to leave. If necessary, we’ll even kick in a couple of bucks for a one-way ticket for him to… somewhere else. ANYwhere else. We will NOT, however, EVER urge that the power and influence of the state be brought to bear on the problem his reprehensible views present the body politic. That would be — in a word — un-American.

O’Bama’s Havin’ Him a Summit

MEETING ABOUT EDUMICATION and I wanna know… Given that a summit meeting is a meeting between and among the leaders — the HN’sIC — of two or more organizations… Da Doll wants t’ know…

Who the fuck died and made HIM boss?

Last I read the Constitution, the FedGov has NO authority over schools. NONE. Zip, Zero, Nil, Nada, Netchevko, Bubkis.

Somebody clue me?

So. Mooch-elle Found a Home

AT THE COLLEGE Third World Center, to find kids who were from the same kind of place as her.

Well…? Chicago is a Third World Thugocracy with no regard for the rule of law or the rights of the citizen. So… Maybe she’s right.

Quote of the Day


If we have a system where the president can pick and choose which laws to follow, at utter whim and discretion, then the whole rest of our constitutional structure becomes superfluous.

–Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

And ya know… He’s right. Couple that with John Marshall — if a law doesn’t comport with the Constitution, it is null and void. You get…

If the entire government does not comport with the Constitution, how are We the (little) People obliged to obey any of its diktat?

No, Rush, Da Doll’s Bein’ Bold Here

BUT I GOTTA DISAGREE The Demorats don’t want Christie gone. They want him to be the Republican frontrunner for 2016. They know the base hates him. They know the Tea Party would stay home and go in the tank for a liberal if the GOP were so stupid as to nominate him. That would be the dream ticket for them. They WILL want him as bloody as possible by March of ’16, to be sure, but they want to run against him.

Wrong Again

BEAGLE BREATH. Overheard on the Glenn Beck Program on Thursday, “Conservatives need to RUN from Chris Christie.”

Sorry, Glenn. No.

Conservatives need to run Chris Christie off the freakin’ national stage.

Please make note of it.

Except for the Secrecy

ASPECT OF IT, DA DOLL would hold that MAIG is engaged in a criminal conspiracy against civil rights. And the members ought to be prosecuted for it.

Given that Bloomberg was a Democrat, who ran as a Republican when he perceived that would help him win, when he was — and remains — a rather unappealing candidate, and, now that he’s in a position where mending fences with Democrats again might do him some good in his further political ambitions, he’s taking up Democrat positions…

Not that gun control is a very Republican position in the first place.

Well, no. But still and all, please to note it’s Democrats who’re asking him to lay off.

Liberals: Assume I’m Right and You’re Wrong


Now, this is not going to be an effort-free exercise. You’re going to have to put forth your hand, stretch your mind, and, see things from my perspective — i.e., the truth. Are you willing and able to even see the truth? Trust me on this: the Left has tried mightily to blind you to the truth since Left first became Left. That is to say, your entire system of beliefs is founded on a lie. In ignorance. On false premises.

It’s going to mean you must research the facts of your position and be ready to accept the truth. No hedging. No persiflage. No prevarication. No “greater truth.” (If you are urged to accept the greater ANYthing, you are, in essence, being asked to support a moral lapse in favor of an illusion. The so-called Greater Good subsumes a supposedly “Lesser” evil. But evil is a binary condition — something is or is not. There can be no shades of gray. And the claim that they exist is an attempt to blind you to the moral reality. The very notion of shades of gray in moral terms is a lie. It is evil. Not lesser: period. Plain old-fashioned evil.

No. A so-called “greater” good — an infringement against rights, for example, for the benefit of a majority (the “greater” part of this equivocation) — always subsumes a greater evil. No doubt, the Nazis would claim that the Holocaust was for the greater good. And, Godwin notwithstanding, so it goes. Someone always makes a sacrifice — and if it were willing, why would anyone have to ask? — in such a case. If you kill someone in the service of the “greater good” does that make your act not-murder? How does that work? Can you explain the mechanics of that?

Or, take global warming. The original term was CAGW — Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. Both Alger and I have long demanded that, in order for the phenomenon to be worthy of humanity’s attention, ALL FOUR of the conditions must be satisfied, and any one of them failing on the merits invalidates the entire warmist argument. This is not a matter of opinion. It is self-evident fact. Moving the goalposts by changing the name of it to Climate Change is equally invalid. Climate is change. Asserting that a primary characteristic of a phenomenon is that which renders it problematic is what the logic folks call a tautology.

So, here’s where you have to exercise your mind. In order to test the notion of CAGW, indeed, to utterly debunk it, you need only find the answer to one question: the warmist conjecture asserts that the global temperature has risen x degrees over a period of centuries (one-point-five, or whatever). Fine. Here’s the kicker: How do they know? They are asserting a fact. Indeed, this fact is at the core of their argument. Without it, there is no argument. They are asserting that the temperature of the Earth has risen 1.7 degrees Centigrade since 1750. Or 1870. Or 1978. How. Do. They. Know? Show me the CarFax. There should be spreadsheets of data, attested to, certified, countersigned, and tested by repeated experimental verification. There should be ABSOLUTELY no doubt as to what the temperature of the Earth is right now. You should be able to surf to Weather Underground and get a number. It is 35 degrees Fahrenheit out there, folks. Or 53. It should lead the news report every evening at six and eleven.

Right? No-wait warming before the first commercial?

So, do some research. Look up the datasets. Import them into Excel. Do trend analysis. Or, accept as gospel the trend analysis available on the sites where the datasets are posted on the Web. Look at the metadata. How many sites are there? Where are they positioned? What areas of the globe to they cover? What areas are missed?

The more you learn about this subject, the closer you come to satori — to the realization, the enlightenment that there’s no there there. That there is no evidence — none whatsoever — that backs up the warmist assertion.

Now, it seems a reasonable assumption that, since the Northern Hemisphere was coming out of the Little Ice Age just as the Industrial Revolution was kicking into high gear, it’s a pretty good bet that the Earth has warmed — perhaps substantially — since then. But, as Alger has said many time in many venues, at the moment, the only proof the so-called “settled science” has put forth is that when we’ve looked where we’ve looked, the available data seems to indicate a warming trend — albeit nowhere near the intensity the warmists would have you believe. But that’s a helluva long way from proof or — gagme — “settled” science.

But da Doll is trying to make a larger point. That the foundations of your political beliefs are built on sand. Go ahead. Do your own research on warming. It’s easy to do. The actual data is readily available. Truly qualified scientists have gone over the data, the theory, its conclusions, and have thoroughly debunked it all. You won’t have to dig very hard to reach the inevitable conclusion.

And, as you do, you’ll come to recognize patterns. A certain shrillness of insistence. Patterns of illogic — argumentum ad hominem, appeal to authority, post hoc ergo propter hoc, playing liars poker with statistics — a hollowness of assertions, a tendacious mendacity: “Who are you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?” A tendency to use sleight of hand and other tricks of misdirection to distract you from facts you know for certain.

And, as you expand your search for knowledge to other fields — rights, the use of government largesse to buy votes and peddle influence, the corruption and abuses inherent in all government, without regard to intent or the putative integrity of those involved, the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of using government’s monopoly on the initiation of the use of force to coerce involuntary surrender to demands for specific behavior against conscience — you will come to recognize these earmarks of the Leftist argumentarium. These earmarks of Left-liberal fascism.

And, if you are honest with yourself, you will come to realize the truth in my position and, when you come out of the experience, I believe you will be at least a libertarian — a true liberal — if not a Buckley-ian conservative. As Milton Friedman put it: a small-l libertarian and a capital-R Republican.

And then we’ll have to educate you to capital-R Republican perfidy in opposition to ordered liberty.

But that’s another battle. Some other time.

Envelope, please…

AND THE WINNAH OFMost Economically Free State in North America… AL-BER-TA… CANADAAAAH!

::and the crowd goes wild::

Yeah, it’s The Cold Equations Again

A LOTTA BLAH-BLAH (a little Alex Lifeson lingo for ya there) in this post pointed to by Vanderleun. But fer da Doll, the key thing is how BADLY the Left fails on points like this. One of the first mental lapses of leftists, liberals, progressives, and other stupid, evil people that Alger taught me was the “I’ve already got my mind made up; don’t confuse me with facts.” (Actually, in that case, it was a lesson on using the semicolon to link two independent clauses, but wottevvah.) It’s why Alger says a leftist brain fart can be detected by three earmarks — it will be founded in ignorance, focused on irrelevance, and engaged in wishful thinking.

The post linked at the top is focused on Obamacare, which is evr’body’s bete noir of the moment. Tomorrow or next week, it’ll be something else. And all the while, our liberty is diminished thereby. The left, like the poor, will be with us always. The major difference being that the poor can’t tear down the world.

Through sheer pig-ignorance.

I suspect that might be an insult to pigs.

Good point.

Your typical leftist has the comprehension and wit of a brontosaurus — or whatever they’re calling them this week — with their brains so far apart that there’s a light speed lag and so small that they literally can’t walk and chew gum (trees) at the same time.

The laws of economics are as firm and immutable as the law of gravity, or the first law of thermodynamics, or Einstein’s E=MC2. But your leftist figures that, with the right number of votes and a lot of hope, they can change that.

Would that it were so. If it were, da Doll would wish for liberals to not be so stupid. But that appears to be another one of those cold equations. More’s the pity.

You’ll Notice That

BONER DIDN’T SAY, “Why anybody would vote against this bill is beyond me.” That’s because, as you and he both know very well, it’s not beyond him. He knows, as I say, very Goddamned well why any rational person not in the grips of the Washington DC lust for power would vote against it. (Ask you doctor if you live in or have recently traveled to any locations where there is an overweening lust for power.) It’s a bad bill. In fact, I would venture to guess that there hasn’t been a good bill out of that fever swamp on the Potomac in over a hundred years.

Was there ever?

It is not an irrebuttable presumption.

They keep telling us we don’t understand the reality on the ground. THEY fail to comprehend the reality in flyover country. A promise was made in the seminal moments of the TEA Party, “If you ram socialized medicine down our throats, we’ll shove it up your ass.” Well, John. Bend over and grease up. Same principle applies across the board. I know. I know.You don’t have principles. That’s OK. We’ll bring our own.


BONER THINKS THAT less than a 100 bill over ten years is serious deficit reduction … and he expects to get re-elected next year? Hate to disillusion you, John. Your base is ready to kick you to the curb — right there at Columbia and Reading. You heard it here … oh, about a millionth.

You just watch. He’s not going to come home to Reading, either. He’s gonna stay in DC and go to work on K Street. And he’s gonna be bitter about the Tea Party until he dies. Some people just ain’t never gonna get it.

Can We Please, In This Time of Advancing Ice Age

PLEASE AGREE THAT anyone — with any mood other than mockery — who alludes to or asserts as fact the fraud known as Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming or its heirs, successors, or assigns is not to be taken seriously as an adult human being?

Jeeble Rhebus

HOW LONG DID IT take ’em to figure that out? How many degrees and how many multi-million-dollar grants to come up with a basic fact of commerce a five-year-old could have told you for free?

“Health care” “insurance” (scorn quotes all) is not a cost-saver. Jeeze. Ya think? So you mean to tell me that insurance companies won’t work for no margin. Who’d ha’ thunk it?

Some people. They give stupid a bad name.

When Democrats Urge You

NOT TO POINT fingers of blame, you can be sure what they really mean is, “Don’t point fingers of blame at me.”

By which you can be sure they know they are to blame.

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

Da Doll

HAVE TO AGREE WITH The News Junkie at Maggie’s that this article by John Hawkins at Town Hall is or ought to be a candidate for the best short essay of 2013. We all know it, but Hawkins ‘splains WHY liberalism is on the wrong side of… well, everything.


AS INSTY PUT IT if you’re concerned about income inequality, consider the gap between DC and the districts. Panem indeed.


COULD EVER POSSIBLY not face plant in the shit is if it were mandatory — required by law. And even then, dumb-insolent resistance may bring it down. The Potemkin website lies try desperately to plaster over the fact that Obamacare is an utter failure. But all the lipstick in the world ain’t gonna turn this overgrown porker into Miss Piggy. And people can see it. Could see it coming a long way off.

So, We Here in Cin-city

HAVE BEEN SADDLED WITH a toy train set, a textbook boondoggle for rich downtowners because they want to look all cool and shit next to Toronto, Portland, and Berlin or Bonn or Geneva or something. We’ve been gifted with a streetcar line.

Now, you have to understand that Cincinnati is somewhat unique in that, like Pittsburgh and a few other similar cities, it is built largely atop bluffs which form the banks of a major river valley. We call this being built on hills. Which, from the perspective of surface transportation, means just that — a lot of inclines to be traveled. Steep ones. And, in the era before pavements and pneumatic rubber tires, a lot of slipping and sliding. Even a lot of that these days. There’s one street near the university — the street called Straight — which plunges down a five-hundred-foot slope at — I kid you not — a forty-five-degree angle. (In all fairness, Straight Street really is straight, just… straight DOWN. Trust me, in that, it’s not unusual.)

All of which makes rail a bad choice for in-city transport.

Unsurprisingly, the city was nearly bypassed in favor of Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Chicago (which stand on more flattened circumstances) by early rail development. Fortunately, we got more-or-less caught up and, today, you can see a massive freight switching yard in one of the flatter areas of the central basin. (Plus the city owns a railroad — if we can keep the kleptocrats in City Hall from selling it to some crony or other.)

But, for transit, for the most part, we’ve relied on other modes. And, as late as the ’60s and early ’70s, you could see wheeled busses on central routes being powered by overhead catenaries. Trollies on tires, so to speak.

But, even then, it was being proven in the biggest laboratory in existence — the real world — that mass transit solutions are uneconomic outside a very narrow set of circumstances (very large and high-density populations, such as new York and Tokyo, where land or underground rock layers support construction). The bus company then extant went belly-up because the family which owned most of the stock could no longer earn its way running the thing. So the government took it over and turned it into a massive white elephant. I haven’t seen figures for years, but I would not be surprised at all to find it costing many multiples of the per-trip fares per-passenger-mile. It is certain that the equipment is the best and latest, takes up disproportionate space on the roads, and creates all manner of traffic problems and probably, despite “green” initiatives in fueling, is partly responsible for the region’s having been forced into a recently-terminated “consent” agreement to lower levels of certain EPA-defined pollutants. (Things like 15% ethanol at the pump and strict monitoring of “air quality”.)

But Portland has light rail, as do myriad other cities to which statists in city government like to compare the Queen City. So, of course, we have to have it.

And, as I say, the reason Democrats like light rail so much is that they like to imagine THEY can make the trains run on time.

All irony, sarcasm, et al, intended.

I tell you all that to tell you this.

At the beginning of this month now closing, we here in Cincinnati held an election for a new city council and mayor. The streetcar boondoggle was a bone of contention in the race. It had been pushed through on a ballot initiative where the ballot language had you voting “No” to support the levy and “Yes” to deny it; the break-even requires the completions of two additional phases of development; its eventual goal is the development of an inter-city line to Cleveland that will never, in a million years be realized, but much of the hand-wavium is founded in assumptions it will; none of the exemplars — not Portland, not Toronto — none of them — are anywhere near paying for themselves from fares, (So why is this being done?)… For once, the issue didn’t polarize the political class along party lines. The Democrat mayor was term-limited. The Democrat vice-Mayor was running against a Democrat former-councilman for the top spot. And the mud-slinging was glorious, if strangely restrained. The incumbent was pro- and the challenger anti-. A coalition of Republicans and Charterites (an independent party which has actually been the majority in the city from time-to-time) ran against the streetcar, and enough of them were elected to form a majority — with some anti-streetcar Democrats in the mix.

And there was this one Democrat who played the part of the moderate — claiming to look at the issues and seek the best option for the people of the city. Sounding all reasonable and shit, he drew a lot of his support from the anti-streetcar right. He was the top vote-getter in the election. His name is P.G. Sittenfeld. (Never trust a man who won’t tell you his name.)

This week, he has announced that he has changed his stand on the streetcar. He is now in favor of it.

Da Doll submits the belief that was his intent all along. Once again proving: You. Can’t. Trust. Democrats.

So don’t.

GOD! I Hate It When

I HAVE TO AGREE WITH “Chuck You” Schumer, but I gotta say he’s right on Iran.

On the gripping hand, it does bear pointing out that the Iranians aren’t Arabs. But as Otter said to Boon in Animal House, during the John Belushi Pearl Harbor rant — “Forget it; he’s rolling.”

Tangentially — you do know we live on tangents and cream around here, doncha? — da Doll heard on the radio that the White House (and, one presumes, the Fuckface-social-climbing-gigolo State Department) is a bit dyspeptic over the gut rumbles from Congress over the sellout er — deal with Iran over sanctions. Yeah. Another branch of government is overstepping and playing the loose cannon. Sucks, dunnit?

To quote the Instameister: Heh. Indeed.

Ought-ta Been Obvious

A LONG TIME GONE, NOW, that there’s no way in Hell a financing scheme that cuts consumers off from market price signals is going to lower anybody’s costs.

So this headline falls into the “No Shit, Sherlock” category.

We’ve Decided Doorknobs

ARE BAD FOR YOU so you’ll switch to levers and you’ll like them if you know what’s good for you.

Should cut down on the transmission of STDs, too. So it’s a win-win. ‘Cept for the people who make round knobs. But they’re retrograde and evil, so fuck ’em. Liberty be damned.

We Gotta Stop Sayin’, “We”

WHEN WE REFER TO the nation’s governance.

The way we deal with drugs in America is insane. Umm… Mebbe so. But — and I don’t know about you bunky — but I have resisted the notion of the War on Drugs as despicable, unconstitutional, morally unacceptable, and morally bankrupt for the entirety of my short life. Alger’s like fifty years older’n me, so — same thing. How either of us gets included in “we” with whom we do not agree, and against whom we have struggled our whole lives is… well… insane.

I didn’t vote for this. The government no longer has the consent of the governed and has, instead, taken on the aspect(s) of an occupying power, and can no longer be considered the legitimate government of the country. It is entirely apposite to refer to the government as “they” or “them” and to view them as political, social, and religious enemies of We the People.

That being true, adjust your semantics to suit.

BTB Opinion: Not Only Should the Government Not

BE INVOLVED IN health insurance, getting the government out of the [mal] practice of medicine would probably be the best possible solution for the benefit of the greatest number of people. It’s good to see ever more people coming toward the same conclusion.


LEE ANNE IS BACK. That’s right, everybody’s favorite retail clerk, snarking on the GenPop, AssMans and all the other characters that live in her head. Or… maybe not. But does it matter? It’s such a rich world in there and we’re lucky to get glimpses of it.

Saw A Picture of the Full Text

OF THE OBAMACARE LAW — you know, the one of a stack of 8.5 x 11 paper about seven feet tall on a two-wheeler, all tied up in red tape — and this Moment in Cinema came to mind.

No, Oprah, We Don’t

HATE THE PRESIDENT BECAUSE he’s black. (Well… half black.) (What is it with this One-Drop rule? That’s so 1859!) Unlike you, we can see past the skin color to the character of the man. And the character of the man is a Marxist MFCS bent on destroying America, and we hate THAT. But the black thing? By now, that’s pretty much a “M’eh!” (with or without the exclamation point) for most of America.

Love ya! Let’s do lunch some time.


Quote of the Day

“…[T]his thing has moved as gracefully as a grand piano in a peat bog.” — Jonah Goldberg, writing of Obamacare at National Review Online.

And, by the way, da Doll thinks that Barter Chicken would be a great name for a band.

Seems As Though

THE WHOLE FARGING gummint is bent on dragging the country headlong over the edge of the abyss. Now they wanna fix Obamacare!

Cripes on a rhebus! I swear.

Obama: “We attacked a broken health care system. Obviously, we’re not done, yet.”

Yep. They got a lot more breakin’ t’ do ‘fore they can punch out.

And the biggest flat-earth society in existence today is within a mile along Pennsylvania Avenue in Dee off-Cee. They really do believe you can transform lead into gold, build a perpetual motion machine, and change the laws of economics by saying, “make it so”?

Might’s well try to push on a rope.

Don’t mend it (you can’t; it’s unfixable) — end it.

Fix the thing that’s irreparably bustit? How dumb ya gotta be to buy that?

Headline of the Day: Obamacare Credibility Going

UP IN smoke…

…and mirrors.

Faceplant Down

DA DOLL TRIED TO get a Faceplant page only to get a 404. Suppose they hired CGI to do some development? Or is it a cheesed off gummint dyspeptic that Faceplant works when Obummercare doesn’t?

Quote of the Day

If government would just close the doors and sneak away for three weeks, we’d never miss ’em.

–Ronaldus Magnus, 1975
on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

When You Hear a Liar or a Politician

(BUT I REPEAT MYSELF) spewing bullshit — and you recognize it as such — there might be the temptation to go, “I wish everybody could hear this.” Da Doll is here to assure ya: they do.

They may not come to the same conclusion as you about it, but they hear it.

Like Unca Bob put it, a liberal is a person who will acknowledge that water runs downhill, but prays to God it will never reach bottom.

These days, it’s getting hard to fool yerself that could ever be the case.

Da Doll ‘spects that, when it finally does bottom out — with respect t’ medical finance — the whole idea of (scorn quotes) “insurance” to pay for it is gonna go away. Gandhi with the windhi. People are gonna come to really-ize that they’re paying extra for something they could pay for cheaper outta pocket and save the insurance dollar for the big deals — like a heart attack or a broken leg or whatever. And people will demand price information from their providers. You’ll be able to actually shop around for whatcha pay, not what the co-pay is. Watch that enforce some market discipline toot fuckin’ sweet. And the market in medicine will go through some kinda magical transformation.


Unless the freakin’ traitors on the Left manage to fool enough of the people that free markets aren’t free, and that it’s too easy for some sharpster to take advantage of you. (Never saying that a politician is a particularly slimy kinda sharpster.)

Word Spread

AS THICK AS WE can spread it here. Operation Underground Railroad.

Spread Word.

Watch This!

NEW CATCH PHRASE: “I twerked my back.”

Da Prez apologizes. He says he’s sorry that he fucked up all those people’s lives.

Alger has a thing he says: “Don’t apologize. Don’t do it in the first place.”

He thinks people apologize to try and get away with what they were doin’ when they got caught. And why the Hell should that work? Yanno?

And, gettin’ back to da Prez… He says that he oughta be workin’ real hard to make sure that more people don’t get hurt by all the shennanigans he and Congress got up to when they pulled this whole socialized medicine stunt. They meant to help people, doncha know.

‘Course, the best thing they coulda done to help people was to stop fucking with medicine, but they won’t do that, see, ’cause there’s no profit fer them in that.

Cargo Cult Market

THE REGIME HAS TRIED to persuade Americans that Obamacare is a market-based solution. It’s not. What it is, actually, is a cargo cult attempt at making from scratch an institution which is not instituted, but grows organically. So all thehagiographic wanking in the commentariat is all better to spill your seed on the ground than in the belly of a whore kinda stuff.

But that doesn’t matter. The key, dispositive point of principle is that the government has no business in the medicine business and needs to be told to butt out — which command may need to be reinforced with a smack on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.

Newspapers do still exist, don’t they?

Yeah. But they don’t have nearly the heft they used to.