Ask Yourself Just How Stupid This Sounds

EVERYBODY BUT ME AND THEE is a fool. They’re easily led. They can’t see through a silk handkerchief, let alone the wool the media’s pulled over their eyes.

Dumb as a post turtle, right?

And the media is hemorrhaging red ink — lost viewers and readers and advertisers. Their influence doesn’t extend more than a mile beyond the Hudson, or outside the Beltway, and even there holds sway only with credulous fools and dedicated apparatchiks.

So, plainly, the vast majority of the country can get through its day without even referring to the media, let alone taking its marching orders from Katie Couric. Or that new guy, Scott wossname. ::snort::.

That all being the case, what on EARTH makes you so certain that the country even KNOWS the media has attacked Sarah Palin, let alone landed any telling blows? Or, for that matter, cares?

Is it possible that YOU are the one who’s been taken in?

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