As Usual, the Media

LIES, PREVARICATES, SPINS, whether from ill intent or bogly stupidity really doesn’t matter at this point.

Willis Eschenbach, guesting at WUWT, reports on an idiotic watermelon geo-engineering project. And quotes in passing an item from CBS News Tech Talk whose author asserts:

Geoengineering, an umbrella phrase to describe techniques that would allow humans to prevent global warming by manipulating the Earth’s climate, has yet to result in any major projects.

Well… no. Geo-engineering is a sucker’s bet that you can futz with Mother Nature on a planetary scale and not come acropper of the knowledge problem — a term of art in economics, but one which can be applied hubristic “plans” in any field, really.

One of the key bits of information Eschenbach conveys is that the immediate hubristion (a word I just this moment made up meaning an act of hubris) is a grant from the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation to the University of Calgary to fund research into in “possible unique solutions and responses to climate change.”

To the extent that this is an actual honest statement and not some coded sectarian incantation, it is an admirable bequest. After all, such research might yield construction techniques to permit houses to better withstand the winds from cyclonic storms. It might lead to ways to harden our electronic infrastructure against a sudden loss — momentary or permanent — of the earth’s magnetic field. It might lead to ways to use geothermal power to delay forced mass migrations of humanity at the onset of the next ice age.

But to the extent that it might actually be that coded sectarian incantation — substituting the new politically-correct term of climate change (a witless coinage, if you ask me: climate is change) for the old, now-inoperative term of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (same non-problem, same statist clusterfuck solutions) — the situation aptly illustrates the truth of my contention that specialists should not be listened to outside of their specialties. That they have chosen to specialize is a sign of their mental limitations.

I do have trouble apprehending that Bill Gates is really a specialist. I always had the impression he was a syncretist — a broadband generalist with wide-ranging interests and concommitant knowledge. Of course, one is to be reminded that Melissa French was NOT the partner with whom he’d engaged in that wide-ranging intellectual exploration, but that Ann Winblad was. Perhaps this initiative isn’t Bill’s at all.

Eschenbach does the math so you don’t have to, but you ought to be familiar with how it works, so you can nuke the idea when your enviro-wacko friends bring up the idea and try to float it as a viable solution to the non-problem of global warming.

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