As the Whole TEA Party Thing

SNOWBALLS AND gains more mindshare in the country, I hear people asking questions to the effect: “Where did all this come from?

I have maintained for the longest time that this nation was overtaxed — and especially at the Federal level. I have thought this since I was in public high school in the 1960s and was more than passing interested in the results of school tax levy ballot issues. (Our school system was founded under the Northwest Ordinances, which — if you remember your American history, well… Oh, never mind. Look it up.)

And I have thought that the strong negative reaction to local tax levies, which are mostly for fire and schools and hospitals and the like, had more to do with the fact that the levy election requirement put these particular taxes within reach of the people, who would really like to be voting down the Federal income tax, or zeroing out the budget for Health and Human Services or the Education Department.

And over the years, Our Betters in Washington From Whom All Blessing Flow (Praise Them All Creatures Here Below), have told us time and again that we do not know and cannot apprehend the truth of our best interests.

And the idiot myrmidons of the neofascist Left have slurped that up like it was, well, picture mayonnaise coming out of a tube. MFCS!

Outrage after outrage, the pressure has been building, until finally, it can no longer be born. And — bloosh! — there it is. All over your Gucci loafers. Participatory democracy. Messy, ain’t it?

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