As Much as I Hate to Even THINK It

THE MORE I READ AND hear about stories like the atrocity that took place in Pima County, Arizona (read that article and its predicate), the more I am driven to wonder when these unlawful raids are going to be met with equivalent opposing force. It’s not like the expertise isn’t out there. It’s not like the police intelligence work isn’t shoddy enough to be misled into a trap, should a well-organized group of appropriately skilled individuals purpose to set one.

What would the headlines look like were an entire SWAT team, its command and control structure and civilian support just taken out in the course of committing one of these out-RAGE-eous rapes of the Fourth Amendment by an anonymous group that then just faded into the background? What would the media write, officialdom say?

And you KNOW — you just KNOW — that the Only Ones would draw exactly the wrong — the diametrically-opposed lesson from the one they should take from the experience.

Damn it, there are too many good cops, who stand between us and the law of the jungle, who are being blackened by this … war on the American people. In no WAY is the murder of innocent citizens justifiable in ANY cause, let alone one that is unlawful in its foundation. It MUST end! Repeal the drug laws. End asset forfeiture. Ban no-knock raids. Outlaw the militarization of the police.

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