As Most of You Are Probably

AWARE BY NOW Bug Splat has changed its default comment system from Halo Scan to something, IIRC, called Echo. Which doesn’t. Otherwise, this would be a comment over at Borepatch.

Borepatch has an interesting read for people who are into Wiki-wanders. Although it only wanders two places, it does draw a fine parallel. And, as is a requirement to any good wander, provides a bunch of not-so-trivial information you may or may not have known before (For example, I had forgotten that Harrison was initially denied the prize for his chronometer.).

Included is a brief discussion of the recent contretemps at Harvard Law over some un-PC free speech and the petard-hoisting of its author.

And I have to agree with Mr. Patch. Author has not proven the core assertion (the odious notion that “blacks” (define your terms a bit more precisely, please) are less intelligent than “whites” (ibid.)).

And, I submit, with those loose criteria, you cannot. You would need to further subdivide each “race” into sub-ethnic groups a bit more finely to get anything like a reasonable measurable sample. And then you’d have to define “intelligence.” Or, at least, how you propose to measure it. If intelligence is the ability to adapt quickly to a changing environment, to do so deliberately with — as the saying goes — malice aforethought, then how can it be measured consistently across widely differing environments?

At best you might be able to make some barely-founded assertions. But proof? Not.

But, even if you could, so what? What does it mean? As the old Roselle Rule used to go, “On any given Sunday…” Intelligence is about individuals and aggregate measures are invidious at least.

I would have a tendency to want to mock the person making the assertion unmercifully and let it go at that. That the moaners on the Left have their Jockeys in a double carrick bend speak more to their collective intelligence than anything else.

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