As Far As I Know

THIS IS WORKING NOW You can register for membership in BTB at the comment entry page. Membership is not YET required to comment, and comments are, for the moment, not moderated. However, spam, link trolling, and comments I don’t like will continue to be deleted without comment. As the disclaimer says, I don’t mind a substantive challenge or correction, but I won’t brook rudeness or agitprop for the enemy. And by substantive, I mean your comment should make it clear you’ve done your homework, or I’ll assume you’re trolling. If the spamming and link trolling get too bad, I will first require membership for commenting, then moderate comments. Don’t want to do either, as they’re both a hassle for me. But fuckwits in the world — you know who you are — just HAVE to ruin it for everybody else, and this is why we can’t have nice things.

Meantime, allayouse who’ve been hanging around, shyly waiting to sign up (don’t THINK I don’t see you out there), please feel free.

Update: (all ready)… Those of you who have already signed up, (I forgot this myself), you can edit the details of your account through the links that appear at the top of the right column. If you’re NOT already registered, there is a link in the same place that lets you register without clicking through to the comments. Sorry for the confusion.

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