Are the RR Campaigning Stealthily?

FROM COMMENTS here there and elsewhere around the ‘sphere, I gather that a lot of folks think — or want YOU to think — that Romney is phoning it in. Trust me; it’s not so. There are two factors — what MSM you pay attention to and what state you’re in.

If you ignore the news media (including Fox — fair and balanced is not necessarily true and verified), and are in a swing state — say… Ohio — then you’re hearing and seeing a full-court press. It’s not just the Romney campaign. There are PACs running ads that are just eviscerating Obama. And, according to what I hear about the polls (which, of course, you should give minimum credence), it’s having an effect. I’m also not seeing anywhere NEAR the bumper stickers and yard signs for Obama I’d expect to.

Bambi is flailing, folks. His ads are weak and appear infrequently. If Dexter Freebish — er, I mean Reince Priebus — isn’t blowing smoke out his ass, the RNC has plans to outspend Obama 10:1 in swing states between now and the election. From what I’m seeing, they’re ramping it up. This isn’t over, yet, but it really does look like, come the morning after, you’re gonna see a Prez with a deer-in-the-headlights look.

If he doesn’t try to pull a coup.

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