OR AS THEY SAY hammering it home.

Many times over the years, I have muttered in my beard my horror at the very existence of the notion of a — scorn quotes — “compelling state|public interest” which putatively trumps individual rights.



Aw, HELL no!

When I was a tad, and on those rare occasions I misbehaved in public, my mother would threaten to haul down my drawers and spank me barebottom red, “Right here in front of God and everybody.”

At this remove, I’m no longer sure whether it was God or everybody who frightened me worse.

Any jurist or other public official asserting this interest in this context deserves a righteous bitch-slapping — right out in front of God and everybody.

And we have to do it pretty damned quick, too, and make it stick, or else, as Our Curmudgeon puts it, Americans have no rights.

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