Apparently Tam’s

LITTLE EEE PC (Why does that sound like a squeee!.) is a bit more of a new big thing than you might think to look at it. Roberta was using one — or the like — too to post her liveblogging.

What it is is a notebook computer that’s somewhere in between the sizes of a keyboarded crackberry and a full-sized (if there is such a thing) laptop. Call it a kneetop.

Back when I first fell in love with portable computers, I said, “All computers should be like this.” Meaning more robust with power issues, portable, a lot of power in a small space, lower energy consumption. These little sub-notebooks seem to be aimed in that direction. With nearly ubiquitous wifi getting to be like… rural electrification or something … pretty soon we won’t need to have a cellular connection to take a portable PC anywhere.

I’ve been eyeing the Verizon cellular modem cards for awhile, promising myself that, when/if the money ever gets rolling uphill, I might look into that. But at the blogmoot, Og and Nathan were discussion the idea, and Og poo-pooed the notion as being costly and nonsensical. He described a system, which could include bluetooth, which in effect allows you to use your phone as a modem, bypassing the need for the special card and the paying of the confiscatory monthly rate. Props all around for that one.

Of course, I hate phones. My cell phone probably isn’t even a dot release. It’s like that version of Lotus 1-2-3 I used to have, 0.9A (signifying it was an alpha-test version). I won’t have a 3g phone until they’re touting the Gen-X phones. So I’m not gonna have the big touch-screen crackberry like Og and Nathan carry. But maybe I could be persuaded to use onboard telephony and use my computer as a phone. Would’t that be…

Like… 1992.


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