Apologies for the Dearth of Free Ice Cream

THIS WEEK It’s back to day job on Tuesday, so I’m trying to get as many hours of daylight in on this field as I can. I’m plowing the novel, It’s Dolly’s Birthday, sowing behind the plow as we go.

The last few days, I’ve been feeling a bit like Tolkien’s descriptions of writing on LOTR during WWII, I’ve struggled through the week, making sure progress, if not any great strides.

Current stats include:

  • Total completed scenes sum to 48,185 words, of a goal of 75,000.
  • By chapter count, I’m through Ch XI (of XXVII).
  • There are six parts of the book planned. Ch XI falls at the end of Part III.
  • So, depending on how you look at it, I’m either 40% done, half-done, or two-thirds done.
  • I’m calling it half.

Compile at this state is off to the alphas for gut check. And we slave on.

Regular programming to return Tuesday.

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