Apocrypha to Canon

READING AROUND the blogosphere at various writers blogs, I keep getting reinforcement of what I’m thinking myself. There never has been a better time for a writer to attempt self-publication, and I’m not getting any younger. SO… I’ve been thinking I should revisit my vow to never edit the Apocrypha. After all, I already know the characters and the authorial voice can draw a crowd. No, it’s not NYT best-seller numbers, but the Xenaverse is not exactly small potatoes, either.

At the same time, Kris Rusch is talking about Popcorn Kittens, which to me is just business as usual. I have such a short attention span that I already jump from project-to-project. So ADD is a working process for me. So I should be able to / can / have many times in the past work on more than one thing at a time, jumping from one to the other as — squirrel!

Where was I?

Oh. Yeah. I’m used to riding two horses at once, so working on the Apocrypha and Armed Citizen at once shouldn’t be too alien to me.

I’ve taken a look at the word counts, the plot lines, what’s mine and what was really the creation of the CFXS list members, and I have come to the conclusion that the Dolly Apocrypha can be bundled together into three volumes, each between 90,000 and 150,000 words. The running order would look like this:

New Running Order

Vol 1. (92,500 wds)
It’s Dolly’s Birthday (19,500 wds)
Double Switch (65,500 wds)
Sinfonia de la Inamorata (7,500 wds)

Vol 2. (89,700 wds)
The Moose Jaw Incident (35,000 wds)
A Dolly Xmas (10,700 wds)
Readings from the Xena Sutra (10,300 wds)
A Dynasty Divine (6,800 wds)
Odalisque (10,000 wds)
The Great Crossover Episode (16,900 wds)

Vol 3.
A Doll’s Odyssey (146,000 wds)

There will, of necessity, be many changes. For example, the antagonist classes of clones and aliens will have to be switched out. I have several ideas, but I see no point in spoiling them. Also, I’ll have to regularize language. In the original stories, the use of obscenity, profanity, and blasphemy — not to mention graphic sex — are all over the ballpark, and I think I want to pull away from the [NC17] rating and bring it more into the [R] category. And I think I might want to flesh out A Dynasty Divine and Odalisque more than a bit, which would make that middle volume even more substantial.

And there are literally TONS of moving parts that make me wince every time I read them which will have to be swapped out for aftermarket jobbies.

And we’ll just see.

To start with, I still need to get the most recent versions of the stories up on markphilipalger.com. Having free “first draft” versions online is sure to be a big help in promotion. So watch that space for those to appear a bit at a time. Right now, I’m up through Chapter 2 of The Moose Jaw Incident. More soon.

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