Another One of Those Things

WHAT BEARS REPEAT over and over until you get it right.

A slight shock to the sense of unreality in politics came to me — oh, years ago, now, I suppose — when I stumbled across a snippet of video of President Reagan at some kind of a major do at the White House, chatting with Queen Elizabeth II, and he blurted out his astonishment at the statistic that welfare en toto managed to convey only thirteen percent of the money appropriated for the purpose to the actual end recipients. The rest went to “overhead,” both in Washington and out in the boondocks. Bureaucracy ate up eighty-seven percent.

I suspect that insurance companies operate somewhat more efficiently. However, it would astonish me not a white to discover that more money spent on — scorn quotes — “health care” went to insurance companies than to providers of medical care, service, or products.


Well, think about it. If your employer spent — in round numbers — $10,000.00 a year on your “health care” coverage, and the insurance company then turned around and paid out $12,000.00 to medical providers on your behalf, well… That’s not the kind of loss you can make up in volume.

Far more likely that your insurance company pays out something like $5,000.00 in covered expenses and you pay out $2,000.00.

From this perspective, it can be seen that, were it not for the perversity of the tax code by which it makes more sense for your employer to pay for your “health care” insurance than to simply pay you the money outright and let you make your own arrangements, you would probably be far better off paying cash on the barrelhead for the majority of your quotidian medical needs and simply maintaining a major medical policy to cover those large and unexpected expenses, such as hospitalization after a heart attack, or bypass surgery.

It is said that government does not have the profit motive. Some argue this is a good thing, I say it is perverse. Regardless, there is neither a motive in the halls of government for efficiency.

Actually, I find the idea of an efficient government more than a little horripilating.

You just love that word, horripilating, don’t you?

::big grin:: Eee-YUP!

So I have two words for you: thirteen percent.

Think about that as you watch the government try to take over the practice of medicine in America. Figure out what it really means for you.

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