Another Not Getting It

JAMES TARANTO in the Wall Street Journal, interviewing Andrew Breitbart, boo-hoos over the demise of the legacy partisan press.

…[N]obody should root for [the legacy media’s] downfall or destruction. Their role — that of impartial watchdog and broker of information — is a vital one, whether or not they perform it well.

It’s not a matter of whether or not they perform their intended role well; it’s whether or not they collude with the state in not only misinforming the public, but actively — with malice aforethought — disinform the public. They propagandize for affirmative evil. They willfully spread lies. They conceal information they know and can verify in order to support their favored candidates and issues and then try to deny that’s what they’re doing.<?p>

I’ve said for a long time I’d sooner trust the Manchester Guardian than the New York TImes. At least I know where the Guardian is coming from.

Me, if I thought one could trust a government watchdog of the watchdog media, I’d require that, in order to enjoy First Amendment press protection, a media outlet would have to FIRST: tell the truth. But, of course, statists in government are past masters at pettifoggery, and such a rule would only lead to deeper mischief.

Still and all, I can’t see where an industry that’s begging the state for handouts and can’t please its audience even well enough to keep their print operations afloat has got any room to complain.

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