Another Beckian Error

IN ECUMENISM: he (Glenn Beck) said on his radio program Friday, “People who don’t know Democrats might conclude, ‘They’re ALL BAD.’ They’re not. You need to get to know them.”



HELL no!

In comments over at Classical Values the other day, I accidentally, all-in-the-heat-of-the-moment coined a phrase.

Sixty-four million times bitten, now not at all shy about it.

Democrats ARE bad. They are evil. Even one who, in your town, espouses your values and matches you on all public policy questions note-for-note. Why? Because the national party power structure, (doing exactly what conservatives lament the Republican part WON’T do — to our sorrow), keeps its members in line. And, when it counts, they get the votes for their evil, sick, demented programs. So it doesn’t matter how good a person your local guy may be, when he gets to Washington, he will be indistinguishable from Harry Ried, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Babs Boxer, Stenny Hoyer, Alan Grayson, and Ed Mahkeh. Like Zombies. The “D” after the name is the mark of the Beast.

Say it out loud! I’m free, I’m proud! I intend to remain that way, and TO HELL with anybody who stands in my way!

And that means Democrats.

Fuck political ecumenism. That’s for chumps.

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