Anne McCaffrey Died Monday

I’M SURE Y’ALL HAVE heard by now. Just… Not sure you can have too many memorials to great minds.

And, reading the Wikipedia entry, in the I. Did. Not. Know. That. category… I didn’t realize that I’ve read all her novels from the beginning — Restoree being the first. Of course, there were the Talents stories and the Ship Who Sang long before that, but…

I was pretty young when I first started reading her, and I guess I’d always assumed she’d always been around.

And, perhaps my favorite, the Crystal Singer, Killashandra. I realized that the opening was informed by Ms McCaffrey’s operatic training. Just didn’t know it was so closely autobiographical.

Not to mention her practice of mentoring younger writers, which is how I discovered the incomparable Elizabeth Moon and her Paksennarrion.

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