Ann Coulter Retweets


In the Captain’s defense “Women and children first” is highly sexist and ageist.

…which strikes me as an excellent reason to re-visit the whole politically correct notion and all those ~isms the Left is so fond of using as bludgeons.

And by “revisit” (another leftist shibboleth), I’m using “code words” (ibid) for “get rid of.”

Which makes me a reactionary stick-in-the-mud, but I prefer to think of myself as a true progressive. That is: being in favor of progress.

As opposed to the Bizarro World definition of “Progressive” as being a reactionary feudalist.

Well… They don’t define it that way…

No, true. They don’t say that’s what they mean. They don’t even think that when they say it. But that’s what happens when the concept is applied. Instead of progress, you have retrograde motion. In a word — congress.


Well, that’s what they say — if con is the opposite of pro, then what’s the opposite of progress? Of course, it’s witless. But — hey! — you’re talking people who pretend offense at homonyms, so… Consider the source.

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