And While We’re On the Subject of Principles

REMEMBER THAT PROPERTY comes as the result of labor — the expending of life energy and the moments of one’s life, as few and short as they are, and that — therefor — property is next to life in sanctity.

So, when you take someone’s property without permission or compensation — when you steal — you are taking bits of that one’s life. You are committing, in a very real sense, murder by degrees.

Those who taught you that property is theft lied to you in a most heinous fashion. For, far from being theft, property is life. And theft is murder.

Think about that the next time you pirate a song.

I will go further and state flatly that, in this discussion, those arguing that the record companies have engineered their own downfall by not making music available for download soon enough, and thus created the pirate problem for themselves may be right on the sequence of events, but are still dead wrong on the moral question.

Property is an absolute right. If it isn’t yours, you do not have the right to take it or use it without permission, without regard for how that stricture may inconvenience you. If you do not wish to pay the price a seller wishes to charge you for his goods, then that’s the end of it. He doesn’t get your money and you don’t get his product. You don’t then go about stealing his product because — whiney little brat you — you’re too poor or spent all your money on beer or something. It sucks to be you. Get over yourself.

And there can be no moral argument. If you don’t agree, you’re morally bankrupt and I really don’t want to associate with you.

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