And Speaking of Which

WHICH I WAS if you read bottom-to-top like they do in … wherever it is they do that. In the note about emphasis on the customer in the market. It used to be a truism in business, but with the creep of — er — creeping socialism these latter days, people tend to forget it. And you get these odd discontinuities like the #OccupyFail people ranting that capitalists are a bunch of greedy bastards, (they say, whilst manifesting a greed of their own for other people’s goods that simply … well … takes the breath away). But. No. Except inasmuch as they’re human, capitalists and other merchants aren’t so much greedy as a class as they are greedy as human beings. We’re all greedy — not least of whom, the socialists who are greedy without the willingness to get it the Old. Fashioned. Way. — by. Earning. It.

Which I think was where I was headed, so I guess I’d better stop.

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