And Kagan Claimed

IN THE RECENT Federal Election Commission vs the People of the United States* case that no official of the American government, or the FEC, or anybody, has ever banned a book. And, therefore, that the law is unconstitutional because of that whole “Congress shall make no law…” thing not reading: “But don’t worry about it, because no bureaucrat would ever do such a horrible thing as stupidly adhere beyond all sense or reason to the letter of an unconstitutional law…” — all of that really isn’t important, because, no bureaucrat would ever do such a thing. Really. Pinky swear.

And — yet — she manages, without straining a single intellectual muscle, to urge U.S. appeals courts to seek advice from foreign law in interpreting the Constitution…

But NOT to consider foreign history when contemplating the possibility of a government’s acting all oppressive and shit — infringing the liberties of the people.

‘Cause, you know, it hasn’t happened here. It can’t happen here.

Just playing advocate, here, mind you.

Sorry, Elana… Doesn’t pass the horselaugh test.

How is this woman qualified to be a citizen, let alone an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court?

How in HELL do we initiate impeachment procedings against the oath-breakers? HOW! I axe ya!

(* Actually, Citizens United.)

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