And, By the Way

THIS IS JUST EXACTLY THE reason I keep saying that RINOs such as Orrin Hatch have to go. They lie and claim that we wouldn’t have the court we have today if it weren’t for them. That’s true inasmuch as they are the cause we have Kagen, Sotomayor, and Buzzie … er … Ginsburg on the court instead of, say, Bork, Gonzalez, or someone who — unlike Chief Justice Roberts — will not rule to expand the power of government to the detriment of liberty. But they lie by implying that, without their collapse in favor of statist gits such as Kagen, Sotomayor, and Ruth Buzzie Ginsburg, the court would be a better place. I object that the point is immaterial.

Whether Congress succeeds at repealing the law or not, it is illegitimate, it is an affront to liberty, and it must be resisted on all fronts at all costs.

And bitch slap (verbally, please) anybody who tries to tell you that it’s now “settled law.” I have two words for those morons: Dredd Scott.

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