And, Bob Beckl, YOU lie

WHEN YOU EVEN USE the phrase “So far right they’re out of the mainstream.”

Bob, you wouldn’t know the mainstream if it was spilled in your lap.

The right is the mainstream in America. This country is about liberty, limited government, and individual rights.

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

And you’re wrong, too.

When you say, “there’s no room for bringing guns to an event where the President of the United States is.

Let me count the ways you are wrong:

First, and as the White House acknowledged in the person of the odious Robert Gibbs (nevertheless correct on this score), the right to keep and bear arms is a constitutionally-protected right.

Second, it’s against the law for a person to conspire to deny exercise of civil rights, or for a public official to use the power of his office to deny exercise of civil rights. And, as we have just learned, the right to keep and bear arms is one of those civil rights. (And, in fact, just to spice this up a bit, the original impetus for infringing on that right here in America was to disarm former slave. That’s right, Bunky, gun control is racist! But that in your pipe and smoke it.

Third, who the fuck is the President of the United States to think he is better than We the People, (and who the fuck are you to imply that he is)? His mere presence in the vicinity does not magically turn off the Constitution. The President is OUR employee, and if we want to carry guns in his presence, he (and you) had better get over yourselves about it. And, to Doctor Zero’s credit, it appears he has a better sense of proportion about it than you do.

There is a REASON all of the above is true, and that reason is that tyrants have always tried to disarm the people when they seek to practice tyranny. The presence of guns at these events is a not-so-subtle reminder of the facts of the matter.

You, sir, are a bigot, who seeks to deny his fellow citizens the free exercise of their God-given rights, and I suggest you get yourself right with this truth. You’re on the wrong side of this question.

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