An Afternoon Nap

A CONSUMMATION devoutly to be wish’d.

Earnest, Jane, and Elwood on the living room couch. “Watching” TV with me.

Having trouble with the boys’ names. The little tuxedo kitty has gone from Bandit in creche through Denis Alexisovitch — an anagram for Mr. Alyson Hannigan’s name — to Taz (for Tasmanian Devil) to now we’re not sure if it’s Earnest Hemmingweigh (What’s a hemmingweigh? Oh, right now, a little over two pounds.) or something else. The crosseyed lilac point Siamese mix has gone from… did he ever have a creche name? (oh, yes: Simon) … to Clarence (after the cross-eyed lion of the same name) to Elwood Blues to just el Wood (which Toni doesn’t like), and now maybe (not?) Ferdinand, after Disney’s bull of that name. (You’d have to see him puff his little chest out in that world-beater way to understand.)

One thing Toni and I are agreed on is that there will be none of this real name: P. Throckmorton Cadwalladar Cholomondolay*, nickname: Snookums.

Lady Jane Grey is still Jane.Or Janey.

*Pron: Chumley

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