Alrighty Then

SO NOW IT’S REPEAL I don’t guess many of us are terribly surprised. All winter, there’s been a cloud of despond over America as we fought against this atrocity.

But it was expected. After all, all disclaimers of comity aside, you’ve got to know that anyone who embraces collectivism is either a megalomaniac or just plain stupid. Sort of like Heinlein’s Mrs. Keithly. So of course they would ignore the expressed wishes of the people in order to advance their odious agenda. Really, they could do no other. Hyenas just don’t change their stripes or their spots.

The debate will continue in DC, but I think We the (Little) People know what our next step is — we have to vote out the miscreants who rammed this poisonous wrack down our throats. We must isolate those whom we probably cannot take out directly — such as San Fran Nan, whose constituents appear to be invincibly ignorant of the damage they do the rest of the nation by sending that termagent to Congress. And, most importantly, we must vote in more such as Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachman, who understand what’s at stake and what needs to be done.

And we must be explicit and crystal clear — the deal demands REPEAL. Nothing less is acceptable. Save your receipts, folks. We’re going to get our money back one way or another. And we’re going to tear this monstrosity down so not one stone stands atop another, and then we’ll salt the earth. Our lives and fortunes demand it.

On to November, then. Be of good cheer.

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

–Winston Churchill, November 1942
Referring to the British victory over
the German Afrika Korps at
the Second Battle of El Alamein
in Egypt

We will prevail.

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