All the Obfuscation

AND PERSIFLAGE in the world can’t hide the plain fact that what’s needed isn’t health care reform — or even insurance reform, though this would be a good thing if it were done right and disaster if the current course were to be followed — but government reform.

And this is, I submit, what We the (Little) People are trying to tell our representatives at the tops of our collective and individual lungs. Tell Congress to back down, not just from their present position, but from all their previous ones, too.

But like all who pursue a cherished course, they are resolutely unable to apprehend the true lesson of their misfeasance. So, like the utterly witless RINO, Olympia Snowe, they claim the subject is too complex for even Their Wisdoms to comprehend, and how in the world can The Little People wrap their tiny little brains around it?

But the solution is simple, no matter how complex the issues may seem.

1) There is no earthly reason for anyone to need or have first-dollar coverage for quotidian medical needs, any more than we need food insurance or gasoline insurance. Remove the perverse incentives that have built this pasteboard edifice over the past half-century. When half your “health care” dollar and more is spent, not on health care, but on “insurance” overhead … well, as the saying goes, there’s your problem.

2) There is no reason, and no authority, for the Federal Government to be involved in the question whatsoever. In fact, a good case can be made that the FG is forbidden to involve itself. But, whatever, its gratutious intermeddling in the matter has created this problem. Nor, I should add, is said creation accidental. It was, and has been all along, deliberate, with the end in mind of subverting our constitutional government and replacing it with a collectivist oligarchy, covered by the “democratic” fig leaf of electoral politics, but in reality tightly controlled by our “betters” in Washington, DC.

3) Even if the poisonous collectivist nostrums were not rolled back, but this current assault merely knocked down, it would be far better for most Americans to become uninsured to some extent, to pay their own day-to-day expenses out-of-pocket, and to cover themselves instead with true insurance coverage for catastrophic and outsized expenses — what used to be called major medical.

Do this experiment: total up all of your ordinary bills for medical expenses over a year — doctor visits, prescriptions, and the like. Use the discounted figures that the “insurance” plan pays, not the inflated “list” prices used as negotiating points in payment battles with Medicare. Compare that total to the expense of maintaining your family’s first-dollar coverage — your premiums. (“First-dollar” assumes some annual deductible or a copay. The main portion of the expense is still laid off on a third party.) It may be hard, because your employer may not tell you what they spend on premiums.
But be persistent. You are entitled to know.

I’ll bet for most, the insurance cost is higher than what you actually spend. This is certainly true on average for the entire population, or your premiums would be higher than they already are — insurance companies, like all sane businesses, needing to make a profit and all..

Now: price out major medical coverage. I’d bet that, in most cases, (where you can get major medical coverage untrammeled by idiotic state regulations), the total of out-of-pocket purchase of pay for play plus major medical premiums would STILL be less than the current premiums for your HMO, PPO, or whatever coverage now.

And that’s right now, with no reform of the government distortions in the market. Imagine what it could be if the state could be forced out of the equation altogether.

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