Ah Beg T’ Differ

Old people will be angry because if there is one group of people who hold on to their entitlements with boney, clingy fingers, it’s old people. So with the new health care bill, they get more free drugs but they have to pay for so much else. They won’t be happy.

MELISSA CLOUTHIER at P-Jays opines that REPEAL ain’t on. She has a lot of reasons, but I want to riff on the one pull-q’d above.

It’s true. Old people have learned, through bitter experience, that if you don’t speak up, some asshole will screw you. Every. Time.

And they watch their pennies because, well… Check it out: fixed income. Although… That’s not all of it. Old people have also learned that old chestnut, a penny saved is a penny earned. And those little suckers add up fast.

And — guess what? Old people are soon to be the largest demographic group. Well, to some extent, already are. And getting more “are” every birthday.

You whippersnappers may soon come to change your tunes and stop cursing the Boomers and start singing hosannahs to their grabby ways — which can end in Boomers’ voting in droves for REPEAL.

You can hope.

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